“I had been intending to write a book on my work in sound but I did not feel adequate enough to do so, until I took Wayne's workshop. I did not understand exactly what was happening at the time, but Wayne skillfully moved me beyond this blockage. He is a catalyst, a master of energy, and an opener of potentials. Somehow his use of sound and tone, and his focus on personal empowerment woke me up to a truer reality of who I was. I made one of the most powerful shifts in my life. I finished and published my book in four weeks, and next week I will be on a national talk show with it. In short, I started to realize that only I was holding myself back, and only I had the power to change that condition. This breakthrough has brought about deep healing on many levels as my self worth and self doubt were the core issues. I will be eternally grateful to Wayne for his support and assistance, and his refusal to allow me to fall back into old patterns and perceptions of myself. I believe at this point that he has changed my life permanently, as it seems that once I woke up to the realization of my true worth, there is no turning back. Once again, thank you Wayne. You are a true teacher of the freedom of the tone, and a master of moving energy and opening up human potential. I had not realized how stuck I had become, or how free I could be until I encountered this force called Wayne Perry. He is a force who will free you from your limitation of who you thought you were, and wake you up to a new reality. Take his workshop. I guarantee that you won’t regret it!”
— Helena Reilly, MA, Founder of Sound Energetic’s, Sound Therapist, Author

Dorothy Graduates “Wayne thank you so much for being my mentor. You are a walking genius. Your classes have transformed my life. I give your workshops 10 stars!!!!”
— Dorothy Coleman Pincus - Los Angeles, CA

“Wayne: The wealth of sound, light and love that I gained from your workshop is greater than I could possibly express in words or money. This helped my spirit and body to connect in ways I've never experienced. Learning from you was a joyous, meaningful and heart-ful pleasure. Now I can spread my wings and fly into the world of sound healing with confidence, curiosity and creativity. It's exactly what I needed!
Love, sound and light, now always and forever!”
— Michael Brown - Santa Barbara, CA

“Wayne Perry carries with him the wisdom of the ages. He is a truly gifted healer and teacher who guides us towards living life in balance through the power of ancient tones and sounds. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Wayne for his contribution to each of us as individuals and for his dedication in raising the vibrational frequencies and consciousness on our planet.”
— Trish Kirschner, Holistic Healer/Counselor - Santa Monica, CA

aura “I am excited to find a healer that relates to the process of healing through sound. It is a language that we can all relate to somewhere in our lives, be it through music, or the release of emotions by sounding with our voices in laughter, sobs, shouts or sighs. Working with Wayne has helped me add a structure to the emotional and spiritual work I am doing with sound for releasing tension and trauma held in the body. Wayne combines his acoustic knowledge with wisdom and compassion for a positive healing experience.”
— Jeanie Anthony, Jewelry Designer/Crystal Healer - Seattle, WA

“I felt a very deep healing take place on all levels. An incredible experience!”
— Shelby Harris, Meditation Teacher and Workshop Leader - Long Beach, CA

“Having previously experienced Wayne Perry as a trainer, my personal one on one session left me as a believer. During his assessment of my vocal profile, he was able to detect missing frequencies that led him to suggest physical health weakness which I had never revealed to him. These issues had previously been detected and treated by allopathic medical doctors. Furthermore, he stunned me by asking me about two dates in my life. The first was 1973, which was one of the most traumatic periods of my teenage years. And, if that was not enough, he said that somehow the date 1330 kept on coming up. (Of course, I normally tell my friends (such as past life guru Richard Sutphen) that 1330 was the year that I became an ardent cynic regarding the existence of previous lives.) Also, several good and some painfully not-so-nice-but-true observations about my personality made me wonder if he was psychic or a healer — possibly both.”
— Tim Brunson DCH, International Hypnosis Research Institute

“As a holistic psychotherapist, I am always interested in alternative healing methods that work. When Wayne Perry introduced me to sound healing, I knew I had struck gold. In less than an hour, one can learn several simple exercises that facilitated using the human voice as an effective healing tool. Wayne’s tapes, workshops and private consultations are always clear, concise and practical. I highly recommend Wayne’s work to all those individuals interested in achieving optimal health and peace of mind. Self-healing through sound has enriched my life, the lives of many clients and friends. I know it will enrich yours.”
— Ellen Winters, M.A., M.F.C.C.

“An empowering workshop! Using the tools inside to heal and balance what always required outside therapists in the past. The true healing path does not begin until one accesses higher intuition inside and works with it. Thank you for your attention on love & devotion & meditation. It was such a high to experience someone truly devoted to path without attachment and focused on what you are trying to do instead of what you cannot do. You are practicing self-love in the highest form.”
— Mary Hoyer, Reiki Master

“The metaphysical-spiritual content of this workshop was beautiful, wise and from a depth of heart. I feel Wayne is an exceptional lecturer and healer, and in my opinion is a humble and gentle person.”
— Rita Eskridge, Massage Therapist

“Thank you for introducing me to a whole new unexplored part of myself! I see the potential for expanding myself in a much greater way. Thanks for all the giving and loving you did.”
— Susan Osborn, Sales Executive

“Thank you! I appreciate your ability to get out the way and allow spirit to empower us.”
— Ken Anderson, Attorney at Law

“Wayne: Thanks for helping me see my colors again and so vividly! I was always uncomfortable with singing- felt I had no ability. After the workshop I feel better about opening my mouth and letting sounds come out.”
— Kelly Green, Designer

“I have really enjoyed this workshop. You are a great teacher. I felt completely in tune with you. The workshop covered a broad spectrum. You are doing a great service to humanity. Love you.”
— Ruth Clary, Healer

“I felt like we started with bliss, & then went back to bliss with the ending exercise. I thought all the material covered was necessary and useful. I loved your ending song. I’m sold. I want to learn more.”
— Lynn Bubbert, Registered Nurse




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