Wayne is currently available for diagnostic voice analysis and other sound healing services over the telephone, or for those in the Los Angeles area, in person. Please call 323-656-6337 if you’d like to schedule an appointment or use the Paypal button below to book a service.

Voice Analysis and Assessment
Includes multi-octave voice chart, interpretation of physical & emotional correlates to signature frequency, and personalized toning lesson. Approximate time: 90 minutes

Follow Up Re-Analysis and Assessment
Approximate time: 60 minutes

Holistic Voice Training
Comprehensive Whole Voice developmental techniques

Sound Healing Treatment and Vibrational Alignment
Includes overtone scanning and therapeutic treatment with vocal harmonics. Approximate time: 40-60 minutes. 5 Healing Sessions (paid in advance) and the 6th if FREE!

Toning & Sounding Lesson
Vocal toning and overtoning instruction and exercises. Approximate time: 45: minutes

Sound Healing "Deluxe"
Includes voice analysis & assessment, sound healing & virational alignment, toning & sounding lesson, personal birthday reading ($410 value). Approximate time: 4 hours

Sonic Self-Empowerment Counseling
Personal sound healing therapy and guidance. Approximate time: 45 minutes

Overtime Charges Billed Per Minute
Sound Testing and Diagnostic Work Billed Per Minute

(15 Minute Minimum)
Includes brain dominance testing, dowsing, muscle testing and overtone body scanning

Sound Harmonic Compatibility Comparisons for Couples/Relationships
Includes individual and dual voice chart comparisons, compatibility testing, counseling on 'sound' relationships and how to use sound therapy for improving and sustaining relationship harmony and compatibility

Vibrational Feng Shui House/Room/Office Clearing
The use of vocal overtoning, the best methodology for clearing negative energy. Includes spatial dowsing.

Sound Therapy Tone Recordings for Sound Health and Wellness, Brainwave Entrainment and Personalized Toning
Compact Discs or Digital downloads

Personal Reading
Birthdate reading of one's birth note polarities, and utilizing source information from the sacred symbols of the ancients, the Atlantean Oracle, and the Science of the Cards. Includes personal cards with interpretations.
Basic: 60 minutes. Progressed: 90 minutes

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