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SOUND MEDICINE — The Complete Guide to Healing with the Human Voice
by Wayne Perry
Review by Tim Brunson

Ever since I enjoyed the multi-phonic chants of the Tibetan monks of the Drepung Loseling monastery, I was not aware of any Westerner equally talented in vocal complexities. That was until I had the opportunity to meet and hear the remarkable Wayne Perry. As a key note speaker and workshop leader at the 2004 American Board of Hypnotherapy convention, Mr. Perry awed the audience with his unusual presentation skills and enthralled us with his unique views concerning the use of the human voice as a tool for mental and physical healing.

Wayne Perry is an unparalleled speaker, workshop leader and healer. Having availed myself of the opportunity of having a private session with the master and as I cross paths with him usually once or twice a year. I have learned to appreciate his many skills. For those of you who have not had this opportunity, I highly recommend that you purchase and read his latest book: Sound Medicine: The Complete Guide to Healing with the Human Voice. This comprehensive how-to-manual not only explains the intriguing world of sound healing, but gives you a great autobiographical picture of the person who is the living embodiment of this innovative theory. Full article >>

The Human Voice Vibrates With Love - Find Your Healing Keys
-from The Whole Person, March 2010
by Nancy Gross

Maybe it is because I have had a little crush on the wavicle—the word coined because energy exhibits both wave and particle properties and behavior, making it hard to say what, if anything, distinguishes energy and matter—that Wayne Perry’s assertions about a world made up of sound didn’t fall completely on deaf ears. The first view I had of my babies was, after all, by ultrasound, so sound can find the shape and structure of things through its reflection signature. Perhaps sound is also one way to understand the world’s component parts. The world may well be abuzz.

Part 1 of Wayne Perry’s book, “Sound Medicine”, a book that is well on its way to becoming the go to book in the field of sound and vibrational healing, leads with this quote: “All matter consists of vibrating waveforms of energy. And though it may not be audible to the human ear, sound is emitted from these wave forms.” Full article >>

Point of Light Magazine
Autumn 1999 Issue
by Sven Hosford

Wayne Perry's voice is a sharp yet comforting baritone. Attention-getting, but rich with knowledge and experience. "My work is designed to educate and empower people to some of the simple techniques and universal principles at work in a person's overall health: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."

His clients have minor and major physical problems, also mental and emotional concerns, like stress and anxiety. His voice explains, "I show people simple ways to use their own body - which is a vibrational vessel, basically; it's literally made of sound frequency and vibration - and use toning, breath work, vocal harmonics and audio tapes to reach their goals as far as healing and empowerment." His clients are young people, old people, animals, even birds.

It's amazing that his powerful, mellifluous voice can speak with such quick enthusiasm on the subject of the healing power of sound. "Everything is frequency and vibration in the body, so any condition can be treated with sound. It's easier in the long run to do preventative work with sound; the techniques work on all levels at once." Full article >>

Mastering Healing
by Wayne Perry

All pain and disease is a result of a lack of vibrational harmony in the body. This results in vibrational dissonance. This dissonance may manifest on any, or all levels in the body - physical, emotional, mental, etc.

The chief characteristic of this dissonance is resistance. And what we resist persists.

This resistance, which is primarily subconscious, causes us to see our bodies, the circumstances of our lives, our environment, our relationships, and the world, from the perspective of being at the effect of these conditions and our perception of reality, rather than seeing ourselves at the cause and the source of our reality.

Mastering healing involves going to the source and core of our awareness so that with complete self-honesty and clarity of intention, we may first identify areas of resistance within ourselves. Then without self-judgment, consciously choose resonance instead of resistance, thereby, taking more empowered action and responsibility for our life, health and happiness. This practice also brings the issues that we then transmute and release from resistance to a higher and healthier, resonant vibration. Full article >>




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