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Point of Light
Autumn 1999 Issue
by Sven Honored

Wayne Perry's voice is a sharp yet comforting baritone. Attention-getting, but rich with knowledge and experience. "My work is designed to educate and empower people to some of the simple techniques and universal principles at work in a person's overall health: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually."

His clients have minor and major physical problems, also mental and emotional concerns, like stress and anxiety. His voice explains, "I show people simple ways to use their own body - which is a vibrational vessel, basically; it's literally made of sound frequency and vibration - and use toning, breath work, vocal harmonics and audio tapes to reach their goals as far as healing and empowerment." His clients are young people, old people, animals, even birds.

It's amazing that his powerful, mellifluous voice can speak with such quick enthusiasm on the subject of the healing power of sound. "Everything is frequency and vibration in the body, so any condition can be treated with sound. It's easier in the long run to do preventative work with sound; the techniques work on all levels at once."

You may have met Wayne. He's been at all the major health and wellness shows in Pittsburgh and Cleveland in the last 5 years, doing seminars on using the voice as a healing tool, doing sound diagnosis and selling his tapes and CDs. He has the quiet flamboyance of a rock star (in fact, he used to sing professionally) with his longish hair and colorful clothes. But its his voice that grabs and focuses your attention on his message.

That voice is what he uses as a tool for analysis of the physical body. "The voice is my primary diagnostic tool. It's the easiest, most non-invasive, not to mention cheapest, way to diagnose another person's condition." He uses his own voice in a sort of auditory dowsing technique where he tones into various parts of the body, hearing and sensing which notes are absorbed or sound out of tune. Around always goes where it's needed," he explained. Research has demonstrated that certain organs or systems resonate, in general within certain tonal ranges. With his own voice he can detect conditions or problems by hearing where dissonance occurs.

He doesn't rely just on his own perception, however, but combines intuition and scientific tools to chart a clients voice. "I also use a chromatic tuner and a microphone. I have the person speak into it answering specific questions designed to move the brain waves to bring out the optimal frequency of the body. These questions are designed to bring about certain emotional responses and mental responses, such as asking about your family or giving you a challenging math problem. This allows me to get the full range of notes that you use while speaking." This range is another clue. An absence of a note or a preponderance of a note may indicate trouble in a physical part of the body.

"The voice accurately reflects the brainwave patterns. Brainwave patterns reflect all activity of the physical body. Research has shown that a frequency missing in the brainwave (missing in the physical body) will also be missing in the speaking voice. Combine that with knowledge that certain notes/frequencies relate to certain parts of the body. Voice analysis shows which notes are in a speaking voice. The normal speaking voice reflects a pattern of brainwaves. The body has thousands of individual notes, but the 12-note scale establishes a grid-point foundation of charting the voice."

He also uses muscle testing and dowsing rods, depending on condition and client, and gets a feel for how much the client's constitution responds to sound. this thorough diagnosis gives indications of current health patterns as well as past and possible future health problems.

How is this possible? How is it that something as simple as sound can be used as a healing tool? Wayne explains, "The body is made of vibration. It's 70 percent water, and only 30 percent solid and we know there is no such thing as solid. Teeth and bones vibrate at a slower rate; muscles, skin and connective tissue vibrates at a higher rate, and fluids vibrate at even higher rate. The body is just energy vibrating at different rates and frequencies. Now contemplate the fact that thoughts and feelings are things as well. They're simply vibrating at very very high frequencies."

"On the physical level, each person has a unique matrix of frequencies and tones, their own signature sound frequency if you will. Systems, organs, tissues, all vibrating at different rates creating a unique sound. Everyone is kind of like a walking symphony orchestra. It's in identifying which frequencies are dissonant, or out of balance or weak or diffused and causing imbalance - that's what sound healing is all about."

"Any physical disease can be traced to dormant or dissonant frequency. if you look at cancer cells under a microscope, they are disordered and scattered and diffused. Healthy cells are moving harmonically with a sense of balance and ease."

He got started on this path, of course, because of his own history of painful episodes with kidney stones. Surgery was recommended. He chose to explore holistic methods,even though he was not yet familiar with any of them, but found the holistic healers, like his doctors, widely disagreed over causes and treatments. He got some relief from supplements, but didn't find a cure.

Then he started doing sound work. Using a tone generator, and experiment with his voice, he discovered that he used excessive amounts of E, F and F# in his speaking voice (F relates to kidneys, of course). The next time he got a stone he used breathing, visualization, and his voice, and passed the stone in 8 hours instead of the usual 6 to 8 weeks.

He was hooked. With more toning over a longer period of time, he went on to fix a painful knee, TMJ, and allergies. He also noticed a balancing of his emotions, deeper meditations and a deepening of his spiritual work.

"Edgar Cayce was quoted in the 30's or 40's as saying sound would be the medicine of the future. Well the future is now."

Today after diagnosing a client, Wayne may tone with his own voice into chakras, or have the client do the toning. This treatment supports a balancing of a lack or abundance of a certain frequency or note. During a healing session, he may have the client do breath work or focus on a color. Each color has a corresponding sound frequency, and enhances the vibration. For longer term care, he recommends that the client do their own toning and breath work, supported with audio tapes, and trusting their own intuition. In fact he is adamant about trusting your own higher self. "Be open to new things, listen to what your doctor or chiropractor has to say, or what any other type of new age healer has to say for that matter, but always trust your own intuition."




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