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Mastering Healing
by Wayne Perry

All pain and disease is a result of a lack of vibrational harmony in the body. This results in vibrational dissonance. This dissonance may manifest on any, or all levels in the body - physical, emotional, mental, etc.

The chief characteristic of this dissonance is resistance. And what we resist persists.

This resistance causes us to see our bodies, the circumstances of our lives, our environment, our relationships, and the world, from the perspective of being at the effect of these conditions and our perception of reality, rather than seeing ourselves at the cause and the source of our reality.

Mastering healing involves going to the source and core of our awareness so that with complete self-honesty and clarity of intention, we may first identify areas of resistance within ourselves. Then without self-judgment, consciously choose resonance instead of resistance, thereby, taking more empowered action and responsibility for our life, health and happiness. This practice also brings the issues that we then transmute and release from resistance to a higher and healthier, resonant vibration.

Now, in order for this healing process to sustain, build and integrate into our bodies' full awareness, it is vitally important to understand the power of commitment and its relationship to intention and love.

Commitment to our values, ideals, beliefs, principles, spiritual practices, God and self creates the foundation on which not only our character, but our vibrational health and awareness is built.

Commitment to our word and to the people in our lives (all of whom mirror every issue that needs healing within us) extends and expands the limitless healing potential of our relationships with others and ourselves.

This intention to commitment then brings the quality of love within these relationships to the optimal harmony and healing experience.

In summary, our life, love, relationships and healing will be successful in direct proportion to the agreements and commitments that we make and keep with ourselves and others; and according to the level and clarity of our intention.




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