Coming in December!


The Los Angeles Weekend Intensive
Sound Healing Workshop w/Certification


  • Physical & emotional pain release
  • The 9 Core Keys to Sound Healing
  • Vibrational cleansing techniques
  • Transformative Chakra Toning meditation
  • Conscious Breathing and Sacred Sounding
  • 18 Vocal Overtoning exercises
  • Sonic meditation and spiritual development
  • Vibrational Space Clearing
  • Vocal Dowsing & Scanning
  • And much more!

Saturday & Sunday, February 24 & 25
10:00 am - 7pm , Both Days

$395 (Full price), or with $100 DISCOUNT, ~Only $295
-FOR THE FIRST 10 STUDENTS TO ENROLL! (If paid in full by January 18th, and if not sold out.)

Register Now - LIMITED SPACE!
Please Telephone Wayne for more info, registration, address and directions:
323-656-6337 -

(Make sure to turn on your camera/video/audio)
Tuesday, January 9th - 5pm PST/7pm CST/8pm EST

Or to just listen:
Call: 319-527-2725 | Participate access code: 547494

Sound Healing Open House on the Third Thursday at 7pm (January 18th), check out this popular event!
Includes: Discussion of Sound Principles, Demonstration, Q & A, Toning, and Fun!
YOU MUST RSVP to hold your seat! Contact us for Date, Time, and Location: 323-656-6337


Sonic Sundays Sound Healing Training Workshops!

These extraordinary new classes with renowned sound therapist, Wayne Perry, will continue on every other Sunday through 2017, in West Hollywood, CA, where each workshop will be five hours in length, and explore unique and important sound healing principles and practices.

Each experiential, workshop will be limited to 10 participants only!

~The Hours are: 1 pm until 6 pm

The Tuition is: Only $75, for each class, if paid in advance,
($90 at the door, if not sold out!)

If you register for ALL 8 classes, you will receive the 8th class for FREE!
AND, a Certificate in Sound Healing!

“Wayne: The wealth of sound, light and love that I gained from your workshop is greater than I could possibly express in words or money. This helped my spirit and body to connect in ways I've never experienced. Learning from you was a joyous, meaningful and heart-ful pleasure. Now I can spread my wings and fly into the world of sound healing with confidence, curiosity and creativity. It's exactly what I needed!
Love, sound and light, now always and forever!”
— Michael Brown - Santa Barbara, CA

"Amazing workshops! Wayne Perry is a gift straight from God! “Wayne thank you so much for being my mentor. You are a walking genius. Your classes have transformed my life. I give your workshops 10 stars!!!!”
— Dorothy Pincus, Singer, Voice & Life Coach, Los Angeles, CA

Workshops Schedule:

December 3rd

The Ultimate Chakra Toning Exercise

Learn and experience the proper integration of grounding, sonic breathing, visualization, and deep toning for the optimal clearing, balancing and strengthening of all chakras.
December 17th

The Secrets to Vocal Harmonics and Overtoning

Includes: How to effectively use The 3 Types of Sound for healing; Techniques to create the full spectrum of vocal harmonics & overtones necessary in creating regenerative sound for healing chronic illness and dis-ease.
December 31st

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Toning and Energetic Dowsing

Learn energy techniques, including- Dowsing, both with L-rods and with the human voice, for measuring various personal vibrational energy fields. (Bring your own L-rods, or purchase in class)
January 14th 2018

How to Create Sound Relationships

Learn how to manifest, strengthen and/or sustain a successful and resonant relationship; Learn how to create vibrational chemistry, and be at the "cause", rather than at the "effect", of that chemistry to experience a truly sound relationship! Learn the meaning of True Tantra, and, the Tantra Mantra.
January 28th 2018

Sacred Sounding and Sonic Meditations

Find personal peace and healing through sacred sounds and deep experiential sonic meditations. Clearly develop your spiritual awareness and find freedom from duality with the oneness of the Inner Overtone, or Sacred Sound Current.
Learn how to effectively utilize the most important and empowering sound healing principles and practices.
ALL Classes will take place in West Hollywood - Address will be given upon registration

For more info and registration, please call: 323-656-6337




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