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…their personal healing and self-development. For example, a diagnostic voice analysis by a trained professional will accurately reveal the state of one's physical and emotional wellness based upon the frequencies in one's brainwave patterns that are clearly reflected and exhibited in the speaking voice. Upon charting this personal and unique signature frequency pattern (much like a vocal "fingerprint"), the most effective sound therapy practices and techniques may be used for one's specific healing needs.

Wayne Perry, and The Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles, is at your service in welcoming all who are open-minded and open-hearted, and interested in experiencing enhanced wellness and personal transformation in an atmosphere of connectedness, truth, oneness, freedom from duality, love and harmony.

About Wayne

Internationally recognized as a leading authority on sound therapy, noted sound healer Wayne Perry is an in demand seminar presenter, and the published author of SOUND MEDICINE. This popular and informative book has been distributed worldwide through New Page Books.

Wayne has been applying the diagnostic and therapeutic principles of sound healing and subtle energy medicine to his practice as founder and director of The Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles, established in 1992. This was the first sound healing facility of its kind in Southern California to offer private services, workshops, toning groups, and sound therapy products. At STCLA, Wayne has a private practice as a sound therapist and vibrational healer where his specialty is using diagnostic voice analysis, and the profound therapeutic capabilities of the human voice toward optimal health and wellness.

Wayne is a stunning testament to the profound healing power of sound therapy. He has miraculously healed himself from chronic kidney, liver, and lung diseases, pulmonary hypertension, hepatitis C, and severe injuries from a near fatal auto accident in 2010! Now, fully recovered from ALL, and in excellent health, he actively serves the holistic health community. For the past twenty years, he has helped to facilitate the healing of more than a 1000 others from around the world.

Wayne has also garnered international acclaim by conducting healing sessions, classes, and workshops in Great Britain, Italy, and Japan, as well as in most major cities across the United States. In 1997, his travels were highlighted when participants from various countries joined him as he conducted profound sound healing experiences for all in attendance at the sacred sites of Stonehenge in England, and within the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt.

Enhanced by his previous experience as a creative professional singer, songwriter, performer, and recording artist, Wayne has matured into a skilled and dynamic vocal overtoning specialist.  He has recorded 12 unique sound healing CDs, along with several DVDs.  In 1993 he published The Correlative Healing Chart for Sound Therapy which is popularly used by healers worldwide.

For over twenty years, Mr. Perry has become well known in the holistic healing community for bringing his unique vision and experience to leading edge health and wellness conferences. He presently resides in West Hollywood, California.




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